TMJ & Migraine Therapy

Millions of people suffer from both tension migraine headaches and tooth damage resulting from involuntary grinding and clenching. In most cases the cause is simply overactive muscular functioning. The muscles that open and close your mouth can not only wear your teeth down, but also can lead to headaches in the frontal and temporal areas of your head. Further pain can also develop in the jaw and neck regions. If left untreated, severe tooth damage and problems with your Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) can result.

If you are experiencing any such signs and symptoms, the NTI dev ice may be the treatment for you. Recently approved by the FDA for tension migraine headache therapy, the NTI works not only to stop related pain but also protect your teeth from excessive wear. Worn at night, the NTI is an incredibly small appliance that is custom fit over two of your front teeth. The device works by preventing contact of your back teeth and helping the bones and tissues in the TMJ to rest in the most stable position. For severe cases, modified devices are also available for daytime treatment.

Our goal is your health, appearance, and ultimate confidence.